Cuauhnahuac Spanish School



The Normal Intensive Language Program

The Normal Intensive Language Program follows an original grammatical sequence made up of 53 lessons which integrate a four book series “Método de Español Cuauhnáhuac”.  This program is designed to meet individual needs so that students can participate at any level. This program consists of six hours daily in the classroom, which involves three hours of learning and practicing grammar (maximum five students); one and a half hours of Guided Conversation; and one and a half hours of Situational Spanish for beginners, or Cultural Lectures for intermediate and advanced students. The Cultural Lectures cover topics such as Mexican history, literature, education, Pre-hispanic cultures, society and politics. All levels have Language Workshops such as pronunciation, expressions, reading, writing, etc.

Depending on individual aptitude and initiative, a beginning student can cover the entire sequence in 24 weeks of study achieving an advanced level of comprehension and fluency.  Advanced students then continue to analyze the application of grammar while identifying and correcting particular problems. Additionally, reading, discussions and elaboration of essays are integrated.

For most students, the transition at the very beginning is the slowest and most difficult period.  A student usually learns proportionately more the third week than the first week; likewise, the more a student already knows when entering the program, the more rapidly he or she is likely to advance. A “typical” beginner can expect to be able to “get around” in Spanish and to pronounce coherently and converse on a fundamental level after four weeks of study. Most importantly, this intensive initiation to the language provides the students with a comprehensive foundation on which to build fluency through continued study and practice.  

Teachers rotate every week to expose students to distinct accents, vocabulary and teaching styles.  Each teacher reports observations weekly.