Cuauhnahuac Spanish School

To benefit from the total immersion experience, it is recommended that students live with local host families. As a policy of Cuauhnahuac, when assigning host families for student in a SHARED room accommodation, it is with another foreign student of the same gender and around the same age.  Our families have been carefully selected and have worked with Cuauhnáhuac for many years. Most of them live in the Colonia Quintana Roo, which is a small gated neighborhood and is located across the street within 5-10 min walking distance from our campus. 

They are comfortable middle class families who live in clean and well-maintained houses. Most of them speak a little English, but we urge you to use as much Spanish as possible. Some of them have children, some of them don't; some of them have pets, some of them don't; some of them spend a lot of time with the students and some of them let the students have their "space".

The Señoras are excellent cooks; the water in the homes is purified and the food is prepared with the student in mind. There is a family for every type of student with whatever needs that student may have.

Please let Cuauhnáhuac know what your preferences are, especially if you have dietetic restrictions or allergies. The name of the family that you are going to be staying with can be provided upon request so that your friends and relatives know where to reach you while you are in Cuernavaca. If during your stay, for any reason, you are not happy with your family situation, Cuauhnáhuac will make arrangements for you with another family or, if you prefer, assist you in making alternative living arrangements in one of the many beautiful hotels in the city.