Cuauhnahuac Spanish School

 Extra Curricular Activities

Extra cultural Activities
For students who wish to enrich their Spanish outside of the classroom, Cuauhnáhuac offers a variety of optional activities in the afternoons, which have been formatted to supplement our language program. Each experience is an opportunity for students to apply their new knowledge and learn more about the Mexican culture. The following activities are planned each week:


volunteer program  VOLUNTEER WORK PROGRAM

 Every Monday participants work within low-income   communities, orphanages and community organizations on education and service projects. The program is geared towards establishing a relationship with the community while completing projects and teaching the basics of English through games, songs, etc. Students will assume the expenses generated for activities in the community volunteer programs.



Monday night Movies  MONDAY NIGHT MOVIES

 Every Monday evening a traditional Mexican/Latin American Film is selected for presentation. These films vary each week and are always in Spanish.



Cuauhnáhuac´s English Language school, in operation since September 1993, offers classes in English as a Second Language to Cuernavaca´s Spanish-speaking population.
Tuesday and Thursday evenings, students from both our Spanish and English departments gather for an "intercambio", which is an informal conversational setting where they alternate Spanish and English and discuss a variety of topics. This is an excellent opportunity to practice conversational skills and make life-long friendships.

If you are planning on studying for more than four months, you may be interested in teaching English to Mexican students in exchange for a few hours of Spanish class. Please contact us if you are interested in an opportunity of this sort and we will reply with further information.



Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, students can participate in a dance workshop that teaches the basics of Salsa, Cumbia, and Merengue. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons, students can participate in a metal plate workshop where students learn to construct their own authentic Mexican craft souvenir.


Upon request, we will match up a student from the English Department with one from the Spanish Department with a similar career or interest. This exchange takes place at the time of their convenience, and students have the opportunity to learn about how their field of expertise operates within the Mexican culture. 


Mariachi music piñata party

Cuauhnáhuac periodically organizes parties and gatherings for students, where students and faculty can get together in a more informal and relaxed setting. Many times the motive for the occasion is a Mexican holiday which allows students to learn the traditions practiced on that day. 

Student Gathering at cuauhnahuac