¡Vive el español en México!

CUAUHNÁHUAC INSTITUTO DE LENGUAS & CULTURA (established as Cuauhnáhuac Escuela Cuernavaca Instituto Colectivo de Lengua y Cultura, S.C.) is a Spanish language and Mexican culture study abroad program located in Cuernavaca, México. The Institute was founded in 1972 and is dedicated to providing a variety of intensive and flexible programs for those interested in acquiring functional fluency in Spanish while learning about Mexican culture.

Cuauhnáhuac's program of teaching Spanish as a second language is accredited by the Secretary of Public Education. People who have studied at our Institute throughout more than four decades of experience have come from all over the world: the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Canada. Students are of different ages with various backgrounds, such as high school and university students, teachers and professors, professionals, diplomats, and senior citizens.


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